"No one was born a mistake. If you were born, it was the will of God for you to be here."
- (via withonefootinafairytale)

(Source: sonofhislove, via withonefootinafairytale)

"He is not just above
nor down below.
God is more
than just someone
who would swoop down
towards you
(so you can feel Him)
when He feels like it.

No, He is
more than anything else,
with you,
within you.
While you walk and speak,
sleep and sing,
cry and pray
He is close to you.
His presence stays
with you, the one
He loves."
- Pam Carbungco, Even when it does not feel this way (via godsradicaldaughter)

(via hisloveisunconditional)

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